How do I connect my Drop account with Carrot Rewards?

Earn Drop points when you take small steps towards a healthier life: walk a little extra, take a quick health quiz, and learn about your health.
Carrot Rewards is a free app created in partnership with the Public Health Agency of Canada, the provincial ministries of health, Heart and Stroke Foundation, Diabetes Canada, and more. Available to the residents of British Columbia, Ontario, and Newfoundland and Labrador. Download Carrot here: 

If you are already a Drop user and new to Carrot, just select Drop as your rewards option when you sign up for Carrot. Complete the sign-up process and enter the 13-digit code that you can find in your Drop app, and you’ll start earning Drop points right away!

If you are already a Carrot member and would like to earn Drop points, go to the “Account” tab in the Carrot app, and tap the green “Change” button next to your current rewards program, and add a new card. Enter the 13-digit Drop code here.

To find your 13-digit code, open the Drop app and click on your profile in the top right. Click on “Settings”, and then under “Integrations”, click on Carrot. Your personalized code will be displayed here. Click once on the code to copy it and then go back to the Carrot app to paste it.

Please be sure that your code is 13 characters long; if it's a little short, you can add zeros (0's) at the beginning of the code to meet the 13 character max (ie. presented code: 12345678 | code to enter: 0000012345678).



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    ryan theis

    With my code you get 1000 coins once you use it
    my code: abggq

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    ALSO USE CARROTS BONUS CODE: mollyy0490 **** Thank you!!

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    Vicki Liang

    get free coins!!! my code is sy8t2

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    lindsey soares

    Why isn't it coming up as an option on my 'integrations' list? How do I get carrot to show up there if it isn't already?


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    Loway Alsibai

    I am having the same issue as Lindsey..

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